From bespoke puppy lessons to super advanced life skills, you can find your solutions here. I do specialize in outdoor training and work mostly with dogs that pull on lead, don't come when called, chase animals, ignore owners etc, but wouldn't it be best if you could prevent all that from happening in the first place?

Although some owners want group classes for their puppies and adult dogs, they are not always the best option. Quite frankly there are many dogs that struggle in group settings, and sometimes classes do more harm than good to them. 1-2-1 training gives you much more time and curriculum flexibility, as we can meet when it suits you and teach your pup what s/he needs to know to live successfully in your home. 

The sessions address the following:

  • puppy training
  • adolescence issues
  • coming when called
  • lead walking
  • jumping on people
  • lack of focus
  • adult dog life skills
  • and more

Cost of a single session £60. Packages of 3 or more £50 per session.

If you need help with more serious struggles, see the Behaviour tab for details.

Puppy Training

You have only one chance to raise your puppy. There is so much that can go wrong, and so much that can go great! You want your puppy to grow into a confident, friendly, and easygoing companion, that you can cherish and be extremely proud of? Choose this package and you'll get that! It's fully customizable, but typically we have 5 sessions at your home, or the park you go to, and includes supplemental e-books, videos, and of course e-mail and phone support. Your puppy is well worth it! Cost £240

Adolescent Dog

When puppies reach around 6 months of age, they enter another life stage: adolescence. This stage brings us unique challenges to work with. The puppy's brain is now going through intense transformation, the hormones kick in, the personality changes... The most common complaints from owners are: hyper focus on other dogs, no focus or attention on owner, running away, pulling on lead, barking at various objects or people, excessive excitement, willfulness... It's hard to live with an adolescent dog, expecially if you didn't expect all this trouble. It often feels like losing a battle, which is why so many adolescent dogs end up in rescue centres...

But these dogs can be the most loving companions ever, if you know how to approach them and work with them, not against them. Personally I love adolescent dogs! It's not their fault that they are wild and disobedient, they are just like human teenagers, and once you understand them, and learn a few hacks and strategies, your life will get back to normal.

Sessions cost £60 each, or £50 if you book 3 or more. You can expect additional resources like e-books, videos, handouts, and email and phone support.

Dog trainer Agata Brzek's dog Arco loves training and playing
Dog trainer Agata Brzek's dog Chester ready for training

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