1-2-1 Training

As we all know, not every dog or owner does well in a class situation. Some dogs are too distracted, some are fearful or maybe can't stop barking. Some owners just need a little more individual attention and have the programme adjusted to their needs.

Maybe you simply have no time in the evenings for classes or you live too far. Or you just can't concentrate with all this commotion around you.

If this sounds like you and your dog, then you are good candidates for 1-2-1 training lessons. Private sessions give you all the flexibility you require and allow you to fit your dog's training around your house activities. 

1-2-1 training can cover everything that you would find in a class structure but it's really up to you and your specific situation what we will teach your dog. The most common exercises I'm asked to teach are

  • Recall
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Stay/Wait
  • Leave It
  • Door Manners
  • Go To Bed/Settle
  • Greeting People and Other Dogs
  • Crate training

Quite often I work with my clients on focus outdoors, especially with adolescent dogs, between the age of 7 and 18 months. At this age many owners experience greater difficulty in controlling their dogs' impulses and exuberance. The once obedient puppy turns into a hound from hell and is suddenly deaf to all previously learned cues, wants to greet all dogs and people, doesn't come back and starts pulling on lead, to name a few common concerns.

To teach your dog new skills or improve his everyday manners and obedience we take a look at the whole situation: his relationship with you, his needs and wants, genetics and what he was bred to do, what are your expectations, your skills and the time you can devote to his education.

I mainly cover Perthshire and Kinross but please enquire if you live in another area, I'm happy to travel but it's dependent on my schedule. 

To learn more or book an appointment please phone 07593 032 280 or email agata@dogfocused.co.uk

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