Behaviour Consultations

Are you and your dog struggling with any of the following?:

  • barking and lunging at other dogs or people (see Reactivity tab)
  • chasing wildlife, livestock, cars, bicycles, joggers (see Chasing tab)
  • growling or snapping when they have something they value
  • inability to settle and relax
  • excessive barking
  • fearful and anxious behaviour

These struggles are more serious than general training issues and they require a different, more in-depth approach. First we have to get to the bottom of the problem, what really is the cause, and this is not always an easy task. But once we identify the WHY of the behaviour/s, helping the dog to change it will be much quicker.

The process will take several sessions, as we will probably need to adjust the training as we go. All dogs are different, have a totally unique history and experiences, and we often discover new relevant information along the way. The goal is to have a well adjusted and well behaved dog in all situations, not just to patch up the most pressing problems. Unwanted behaviour, especially a serious one, is a symptom of some underlying imbalance, a need that's not met, an instinct that's trying to express itself, or maybe an undiagnosed medical condition...

Often small, but significant, changes to your dog's everyday lifestyle are enough to shift the balance and get rid of some pesky issues that plagued you for months or years. Other times more training is required, as the dog may need certain skills to be able to respond to your requests. In some cases I may recommend a vet visit before, or as, we meet for training.

Your's and your dog's welfare is the most important thing for me, everything we do must suit the whole family, so you're a vital part to the consultation process. To change your dog's behaviour you'll certainly need to put some effort into the training and the recommendations, but you absolutely can, and should, influence what exactly we're going to do. So ask questions and offer sugestions, you know your dog best.


  • Initial consultation, up to 2hrs - £85
  • single follow up session, 1hr - £60
  • package of 3 or more - £50 per session

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