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Hi, I'm Agata. I have been a dog trainer in Perth for almost a decade. I love it! To see you and your dog succeed, your relationship blossom, your eyes sparkle with pride - it's the best feeling in the world

When you come to me, you're struggling, you tell me how it is for you and your family. You tell me how you imagined owning your dog would be like, and how, at the moment, it's anything but. And then we turn your struggles around, and it's magic, it's like it always meant to be.

For me, being a dog trainer is very special, it's about changing lives, it's about changing your life.

Whether you're going through a rough time with your dog, or you simply want more for him, your journey begins here. Get in touch and we'll find a programme that will give you the most benefits and put your mind at rest. Be forewarned, however, you'll need to do your part of the deal as well. Your dog can change only if you make it possible, it's a teamwork.

To help you achieve better results, I learn. A lot. I invest in my education for you and your dog. Yes, I love learning and it's a pleasure to study all the intricacies of dog behaviour, but ultimately you're the one that benefits from it the most.

So now comes the boring part. You can skip it, it's all about me.

I am a graduate of Companion Animal Sciences Institute and hold Diploma of Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting. I'm also a Pro Dog Trainer certified by Absolute Dogs. I completed Training Puppies and Adolescent Dogs course, run by Kay Laurence of Learning About Dogs and over 20 courses at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  I'm currently working towards completing The Puppy Lab and Scent 4 Six courses at The School of Canine Sciences. I am an affiliate trainer with Epic Dog Academy, a Glasgow based company ran by my mentor Christina Cass.

I am totally committed to continuous education and professional development, quite nerdy really. I go to seminars and workshops, love watching webinars (you don't need to dress well) and I read. There is nothing like a smell of a brand new book (about dogs, naturally). My business is fully insured.

My first job with dogs was looking after 40 sled dogs in Norway. That was in 2005. Since then I worked for 3 more husky farms, in Sweden, Norway and Finland, a sheepdog breeder in Forfar, Manchester Dogs Home in, well, Manchester, and Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society, where I've worked, part time, for 10 years.

In my spare time I photograph flowers and mushrooms. And my dogs: Arco, the Malinois and Chester, the Border Collie. I enjoy nature, so I walk a lot, I try to live healthy (with an exception of a chocolate bar once in a while), I exercise and I used to climb until an injury put a stop to it... but I hope to get back to it soon. Recently I also got addicted to juicing, with carrot juice being my all time favourite.

Oh and I have a Master's Degree in Cultural Anthropology.

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