Active in body

Active in mind

Time to get playing!

Are you one of those lucky owners who share their lives with and active, energetic dog? A dog with insatiable zest for life and adventure? I definitely am. In fact these live wires are my favourite types in the entire dog world. I love them for their mischievous character, willingness to go the extra mile, their attitude and creativity. And I'm sure you do too.

For these dogs, these bundles of energy, normal quiet life just doesn't cut it. A couple walks a day and a game of fetch may tire them for a while but they quickly get up with a desire to do more.

They need to exercise their body and mind, they need to engage in a sport or activity that fulfil their needs in order to stay out of trouble and be well balanced behaviourally. 

Maybe some of you already recognized that and take your dog to agility training or canicross. These are the most popular choices around. But not the only ones. I have to admit: I'm not an agility fan. It's not that I think it wrong or anything, it just never interested me. At all.

But ever since I got my Border Collie Chester, who is 10 years old now, I've been fascinated with finding ways to stimulate him and keep him active and happy. We've explored lots of activities and had a total blast doing them.

My personal favourites are dog disc (frisbee), nose work and recently dog parkour. As some of you may know, I'm behind the K9 Nosework Scotland page on Facebook and I run scent detection workshops.

I'm always on the lookout for activities that don't require a lot of expensive equipment so everybody can do them every day. And the more the better as the benefits are endless!

Dog Focused Activ (look at that fancy spelling) brings you and your dog the activities we love. There are many to choose from and they come in affordable package so you can really try them all.

Doing more stuff together will almost magically improve your dog's focus, engagement and ever day manners. Why? Because his needs will be met, his mind exercised and your value, as his best pal and provider of all this awesomeness, will greatly increase.

I will go even further and say that many behaviour problems will disappear as a result of you doing more with your dog.

So what are these awesome activities I'm talking about?

  • Dog disc/frisbee - I'm sure you know what it is
  • Dog parkour - sometimes called urban agility, teaching the dog to interact with obstacles you find around you
  • Nose work and various scent games - scent detection, tracking, food searching
  • Tug-o-war - good old game, very satisfying for most dogs, with rules for safety
  • Flirt pole - kind of like a fishing rod with a toy at the end of the string, dogs go crazy for it!
  • Retrieve/fetch - teach the dog to bring the toy to you, not run away with it, or drop it half a mile from you
  • Tricks - not as silly as they seem, have many uses and are great for rainy days

I've been engaged in many of these for a decade with my own dogs, some of my fosters and clients' dogs.

Introduction package to any of these activities costs only £100 for 3 sessions. Let's create a wee community of enthusiastic dog parents with a passion for adventure and active lifestyle.

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