Intensive Training

Does your dog need training or behaviour modification but you either have no time or simply don't quite know how to do it? It's OK, this is what professional trainers are for.

We all hear from others: "you should train your own dog, you should make an effort". But maybe you have tried and you still have problems, maybe your dog is a bit harder to train than your neighbour's, maybe you really are a very busy person and it's hard to stay super consistent...

You wouldn't expect a car mechanic to show you what to do and then leave you to it. Or a lawyer to explain how to defend your case in court, then wish you luck, and go home...

But when it comes to dog training that's what's happening nowadays. It works for some dog owners, but not for all. This is why I created this service, for you, to make sure you can enjoy your dog too, even if at the moment it seems so difficult...

It's absolutely not true that if I train your dog, he or she will not bond with you. If your dog shows some unwanted and frustrating behaviour, it is not easy for you to bond and have the relationship you both deserve.

But once the dog learns what he needs to know, then your life will get easier and then you two can have a great time together. Then he will fit perfectly into your family and your lifestyle.

What is it?

You can think about Intensive Training as an alternative to residential training services without sending your dog away. It is a great way to jump-start the training or behaviour modification programme and finally have the dog always dreamt of.

There is no doubt that the beginning of any training programme is the most difficult part. Both you and your dog are learning new concepts and skills, and with a week between sessions you are likely to make a few mistakes in the process and slow down the training. Which creates frustration for all parties.

Intensive Training solves this issue. Your dog will receive clear and consistent instructions and feedback from the trainer and the progress will be made much quicker. You will then receive full instructions on how to continue working with your dog to maintain the training. But it will be so much easier because your dog is pretty much a pro now.

How does it work?

I come to your house, we have a chat to see what you need and then work with your dog four days a week. You are more then welcome to take part in the training but you don't have to.

The days I come are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Once a week there is a little hand-over session to give you some useful skills you can start using right then.

Two weeks after the training is completed, we have a follow-up session to make sure you are still happy and seeing the results.

The exact number of weeks you will need depends on the problem. A dog-dog aggression project will certainly take longer than everyday manners.

If you wish, I can continue until the dog is fully trained or s/he no longer shows the problem behaviour. Alternatively, after a week or two, you may choose to book a one-to-one session and try on your own until then. The programme is fully adjustable. 

Price: £150 per week (£37.5 per session) Travel fee may be added.

Get in touch now so we can have a chat and discuss your needs.

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