Scent Detection

Scent Detection Workshops available! If you are interested in attending just phone or drop me a message on Dog Focused Facebook page. I can promise it's going to be lots of fun for both you and your dog!

Scentwork is an activity that quickly gains on popularity in UK and there is no reason why we wouldn't have it in Perthshire too. It includes scent detection, tracking, manhunt or mantrailing and variety of games with food and toys. I have used elements of scent work with my clients' dogs for many years now, and for my dogs it's one of their favourite activities.

Scentwork takes advantage of your dog's innate abilities of hunting and channels them into a fun and rewarding activity for all family. The dog's nose is hundreds times more sensitive than ours, they can smell things that we don't know are there. Dogs are used to detect narcotics, explosives, gas leaks, cancer, wildlife etc. where humans would never succeed even with the best of equipment.

Scentwork is an ideal activity for winter or rainy days as you can do it at home or in your garden. It is great for all breeds and ages of dogs, for dogs with arthritis, mobility problems, with injuries, after operations, as it doesn't require fast movement yet tires the dog just the same.

The dog's brain is involved in sniffing and processing the scent so the dog is mentally tired after the session and more likely to have a longer nap. Thus very active young dogs, that are normally challenging to live with, will calm down quicker when engaged in scentwork than after a lengthy session of fetch.

During my workshops you will employ your dog's nose to find food, toys, cloves,gun oil, essential oils, or your scent. Below there are a few photos from the workshops.

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